26 September 2019  │ 

LaTeX Tutorial

I recently gave a tutorial on how to use the LaTeX. You can find the slides here. To complement the tutorial slides, I also create an example project to highlight some LaTeX usages. The source code for both the slides and the example are available in Github.

  20 June 2019  │ 
  LaTeX, TikZ, Beamer

Reuse TikZ Figures in Both Articles and Slides

I use LaTeX a lot. I found it an effective tool to write articles, slides (using beamer), and posters (using tikzposter). Further more, I use TikZ/PGF to draw all the figures. Not only the source code of the figure can be easily managed by version control software like git, TikZ is also well-integrated in beamer to create beautiful animations for slides.

  25 April 2018  │ 

Send Email in the Batch using Ruby

Sometimes, you may find the need to send a large number of emails in batch. For example, you may be a TA of a course and are required to notify all the students of their grades. In this case, sending email in the batch would save lots of time and effort. In the following are my notes on how to achieve this using Ruby.

  29 March 2017  │ 
  LaTeX, R

Typesetting with LaTeX and R

Sometimes, it is desirable to run R codes directly in your LaTeX document. For example, you may wish typeset your course assignment in LaTeX, in which the experiment results as well as figures can be computed by R. And the knitr package is one of the most elegant ways to fulfill such need.

  09 February 2015  │ 

Pry in Interactive Homebrew Shell

Recently, I have been heavily involved to Homebrew’s development. Homebrew itself offers an interactive ruby shell, which can be handy for the development. You can use such tool by invoking brew irb in the shell. And as what its name sounds, this tool is based on irb.

  06 December 2014  │ 
  LaTeX, Jekyll

Rendering LaTeX using KaTeX and Jekyll

So as a Ph.D. student who studies in Computer Science, using LaTeX to render the equations in my blog is inevitable. In general, I hope the render can support the following features:

  29 November 2014

Hello World

This is my new blog and my personal academic web site.